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Battery calibration on Android Smartphone

Problems with battery and charge level display A lot of owners of smartphones, equipped with Android operating system, face the problem of incorrect reflection of charge level of the battery. The indicator may show that the battery is fully charged, but this data is incorrect. Another ...

What is Android Smartphone’s Camera Interpolation?

Definition of Camera Interpolation? All modern smartphones have integral cameras, that allow you to zoom in your images using special algorithms. In mathematics, interpolation is a method of calculation of intermediate value of numbers ​​using the available set of discrete parameters. ...

Volume adjustment using Android’s Engineering Menu

Apparently, the majority of Android’s users ever encountered a challenge of sound control. For example, I’ve always been uncomfortable with next 2 troubles. Firstly – too low audio level of phone-speaker during entering phone-call, and, the secondly - too high audio level in the headset ...

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