Fastest way to remove or install SIM card’s PIN code on Xiaomi Miui 9 smartphone

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Dear friends, I personally don’t have PIN code of my SIM-cards for almost ten years, because I don’t see the need. Modern smartphones, including Xiaomi models have a pretty good protection of a smartphone itself, but not the SIM card. On the one hand, previously such a PIN code was used in order to protect your smartphone.

On the other hand, I agree with those users who give the following argument: “What if this SIM-card is tied to your credit card or current bank accounts?”. In this case, I agree with the need to set the PIN code on such a SIM card. But let’s get back to the main question.

Several days ago, one of my close friends asked me: “Listen, Andrew, can you help me to set PIN code on SIM card on my Xiaomi smartphone?”. Of course, I didn’t refuse to my friend and decided to help him to solve this problem. Frankly speaking, at first it seemed quite simple to me. But when I grabbed his smartphone and went into SIM card settings in order to install the PIN code, I realized that it’s not that easy as it seems. That’s why I decided to make a short article on the topic: How to remove or install SIM card’s PIN code on Xiaomi Miui 9 smartphone quickly.

At the beginning, I thought that I will find all necessary settings in the section “Sim cards and Mobile networks” – but there’s no need to get there (at that moment I realized, that I haven’t used PIN code for a very long period). My next idea was, that I will definitely find it in “Security and Privacy protection” section, because it has all the settings related to the security of smartphone. By the way, in this section you can set up Fingerprint Password, detailed instructions for installation you can find in my previous article. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the necessary settings of the SIM-card there.

After a while (in 5 or even all 10 minutes) I managed to find a solution. So, if you need to remove or set up SIM card’s PIN code on Xiaomi Miui 9 smartphone – follow next instructions.

Instructions for setting the PIN code:

Unlock your smartphone and open the «Settings» menu – for this you need to pull the shutter down and press the «Gear» button;
Next, drop down in the menu and enter the section «Advanced settings»;

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In «Advanced settings» section, find block «Privacy protection» and click on it;
Here in «Privacy protection» section you will find all necessary SIM card settings, that allow to set or remove the PIN code – scroll down and get in SIM card Lock settings;

SIM card, Xiaomi, how to, settings, Instructions, PIN code, smartphone

Now you need to select the right SIM-card (on which you are planning to set or remove the PIN code) and click on it;
In the sub-item «SIM card Lock setting», you need to press the button and activate (or deactivate – if you want to disable the PIN code) the SIM-card locking.

If you have made everything in a proper way, a field for entering the PIN code on the SIM-card will appear on the screen of your smartphone.

Not to give too many questions:

You need to take just these simple steps in order to remove or install the PIN code on the SIM card on Xiaomi Miui 9 smartphone. Now it seems pretty simple and clear to me.

I would like to add the following – before taking mentioned or any other actions, think carefully if it really makes sense for you, since security of your phone number and bank account (if the number is tied to account) depends on it. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask any questions or leave comments below, together we will try to find best solution for your problem.

Stay with us, there is many more interesting things!

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