The Fastest way to remove Google Search toolbar from Android Home Screen

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Google Search, Android Home Screen, remove, delete, function

Many Android users complain about unwanted toolbar at the top of the screen, which is called “Google Search”. I also consider it needless, because whenever I need to search for something on the websites, usually I open browser and just surf Internet there.

It’s just way easier to me, to use different Browser’s tabs for website opening and analyze them. So, today’s life hack is dedicated to the challenge “How to remove Quick Search toolbar from the screen of Android Smartphone or Tablet”.

Let’s figure it out, using detailed step-by-step instruction with screenshots. Here (at the top of the screen) is the above-mentioned facility, we will fight with.


So, for removal of Google Search toolbar from Android Home Screen, at first, you need to open menu and go to the “Settings” and then tap the “Applications” menu with your finger. After that, you shall select “All Applications” and find annoying “Google Search”.


Then click on it and enter the submenu “About the application”. To repeat the material studied, look at the screenshots below:


After successful entering of the submenu “About the application”, you shall detect the button “Stop app” and tap on it. If everything is done correctly, 2 pop-up windows with questions will appear.


Click «Ok» on both messages.

Google Search, Android Home Screen, remove, delete, function

After these simple steps, your removal mission against Google toolbar is complete. Restart your smartphone or tablet. After resumption of work –  Google Search toolbar will be finally removed from your screen. Congratulations!

The screen as a result looks like that:

Obviously, Android Home Screen looks much better without Google toolbar.


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