The fastest way to transfer files on Android smartphone using Wi-Fi

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Guys, today I’ve decided to write a manual about data transfer from one Android smartphones to another with help of Wi-Fi, taking into account that Wi-Fi data transfer rate is much higher than Bluetooth speed. Do you want to perform large file exchange with others Android Users ASAP? Today’s article can show you the best ways! Nowadays, we have many new options to perform data exchange through Wi-Fi network and I’m able to expose their entire operation. Keep patience and together we can make it, let’s go!

The speed of Wi-Fi data transfer is much higher than Bluetooth speed

Connection of your Smartphone to a Wi-Fi router

Android operation system allows you to proceed data transfer, not only through the Bluetooth interface, but also with help of Wi-Fi. Using of Wi-Fi protocol for file exchange will save a lot of time (it becomes particularly obvious in case of transferring files, that weight more than 100 megabytes).

For file exchange between mentioned devices, connect all smartphones to Wi-Fi mode. For it, enter Android’s operation system menu and select “Wi-Fi settings”. You will see the list of available networks. Select the needed connection and enter password, in order to establish connection with Wi-Fi router. After that you can proceed sharing of files and other information to another device. Then repeat same actions on second smartphone (that receives data) and establish connection to the same Wi-Fi network (in case if users are in a public place).

First of all, for using of Wi-Fi for transferring of files between Android smartphones, connect your gadget to an existing Wi-Fi network or to create a new one

Another option is to download and use a special Android’s OS programs to get access to Wi-Fi network for exchanging of files with another Users.

In this case, users shall take the following actions:

  • Install the application, that emulates a virtual router (for example, Virtual Router Manager);
  • Launch this application (program) and enter in the field “Network Name” any name you like;
  • Enter the 8-digit access code in the Password field (create Password by yourself);
  • Choose the item “Shared Connection” of main menu and choose created network name (the name, entered on the second step);
  • Press on “Start Virtual Router” and establish Wi-Fi connection with other Android users;
  • Transfer the needed file with help of installed application.
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Using of File Managers

Tracing of information through Wi-Fi channel from one gadget to another can be also carried out with help of special programs, called File Managers.

Easy and simple way to exchange files between Android smartphones through Wi-Fi network using the programs like SHAREit and ES Explorer

These programs have following functions:

  • Files transfer on the background mode;
  • Restriction of access to the files and folders by password;
  • Transferring, renaming, package, and unpackage of files, etc.

Android OS usually has several versions of File Managers programs – paid and free ones. Free versions may have some built-in restrictions, that prevent data transfer of a large files.

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Transfer of files with ES Explorer program

ES Explorer is a very multilateral application. If you use it properly, you can do interesting things, for example, to hide files located at Gallery or to delete standard (system) apps from your Android smartphone. If you haven’t installed ES Explorer app yet, I recommend to download and set up it on your smartphone ASAP.

For exchanging of files with other users through Wi-Fi I will give you next step-by-step instruction:

  • Download and install ES Explorer application on Users smartphones;
  • Start the File Manager;
  • Pick out files for sending, then press on lettering “More” at the bottom right corner of the screen;
  • Click on button “Send” (don’t confuse it with the main Menu button “Send”);
  • Your smartphone will start scanning Wi-Fi network for detection of available Android devices;
  • Select the second smartphone in the list and confirm your desire to transfer the file via Wi-Fi;
  • Specify the Android OS route for transferring of the file;
  • If the data transfer has passed successfully, you will see confirmation message on the screen of your smartphone.
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Not to give too many questions:

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Transfer of files with SHAREit File Manager

Another useful application, that can easily perform today’s task – SHAREit. This app is able to proceed file exchange between Android smartphones through Wi-Fi fast and easy. To learn this, take the following steps:

  • Find SHAREit File Manager (produced by Lenovo) in Google Play, then download and install it on all smartphones, involved in data exchange;
  • Launch SHAREit application and press “Start”. Choose any icon and click “Save”;
  • Select all needed data you want to share through Wi-Fi. Press on “Send” and find the name of second user’s smartphone in appeared list. Launch SHAREit File Manager on another smartphone, then press “Receive”;
  • Connected Android’s smartphones must “see” each other and establish a connection. After that, you will be able to transfer files;
  • Exchanging of files between the devices will start (you can watch the process of data transfer in real time mode);
  • When file transfer is complete, open the tab “Data Storage”. The Android operating system will show you the folder where all transferred data is stored.

Did you manage to transfer files through Wi-Fi to another smartphone? Share with us information about your progress in the comments below!

Stay with us, there are many interesting things on the way.

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