Battery calibration on Android Smartphone

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Problems with battery and charge level display

A lot of owners of smartphones, equipped with Android operating system, face the problem of incorrect reflection of charge level of the battery. The indicator may show that the battery is fully charged, but this data is incorrect. Another way of improper work of the program is the demonstration of partial charge when, in fact, the battery is fully charged. The most common reasons of improper work are change of smartphone’s firmware and various software errors.

Don’t forget about the so-called “Memory Effect”. This effect means that systematic charging of not completely discharged battery this will precisely reduce its capacity. “Memory Effect” sometimes leads to the fact that some Android Smartphone models may spontaneously switch off even with fully charged battery.

Many owners of such gadget in that situation just throw out the old battery and go to the store to get a new one. They don’t know right way to avoid such unwanted expenses.

Calibration of the battery allows to set the optimal mode of energy consumption and extend the lifetime of battery. How to determine the actual charge level and to make sure that the calibration of the battery level will normalize work of the device?

There are several ways to solve this problem.

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To calibrate the charge level regardless to using of Recovery function and Root-rights

  1. At the first stage of the setup, completely discharge battery of the smartphone. Device supposed to turn off immediately after turning on (also it will send high-frequency signals coming from the phone’s speaker);
  2. Switch it off and remove the battery for a several minutes. Some devices do not allow to User to remove the battery. In this case, just turn it off for 10-15 minutes;
  3. Connect the charger to your smartphone and plug it into the network. When the indicator will show full charge, unplug device from the network. If there is no indicator on the device’s screen, you have to charge the smartphone within 8 hours;
  4. Remove the battery from the turned-off gadget for a few minutes. If it’s not possible to remove the battery, just leave your smartphone off for 10-15 minutes;
  5. Turn on your smartphone, then check the level of charge.

To calibrate the indicator more accurate you need to repeate above-mentioned actions for several times (3-4 times).

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Not to give too many questions:

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To calibrate of the charge level of battery using Root rights

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  1. Download and install the Battery Calibration program;
  2. Completely charge the battery of device;
  3. Run the downloaded app and click the “Calibrate battery” button;
  4. Turn off your smartphone and discharge the battery completely;
  5. Connect the charger to the device and plug it into the network;
  6. When the battery will be 100% charged, turn on the gadget.

If the battery calibration will lead to appearance of incorrect data, points 2-6 of instruction shall be repeated until the full correction of all errors. Using the «Battery Calibration» app will help you to reset the memory of the battery controller and to ensure a stable and proper work of the charge level indicator.

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To calibrate the charge level of the battery using the Bootloader TWRP Recovery

  1. Download, install and run the TWRP Recovery app;
  2. Click on Advanced tab -and find File Manager;
  3. Open the folder «data / system /» and click on the file batterystats.bin;
  4. Activate item “Delete” and confirm your choice by a special gesture (swipe);
  5. Turn off your smartphone and completely discharge the battery;
  6. Wait for the full charge on 100% and turn on the device.
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To calibrate charge level with help of CurrentWidget: Battery Monitor app

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  1. Check the capacity of your battery (it is stated on the battery case and on the official website of the smartphone manufacturer);
  2. Open the Google Play app, download application CurrentWidget: Battery Monitor;
  3. Run application and check the battery level in milliamperes;
  4. Wait till the charging level value, indicated on battery case;
  5. Turn off your device on a several minutes, then switch on again. Correct charge values will fix in the gadget’s memory. After this step, the calibration is over.

If the charge level still displays in a wrong way, repeat points 3-5 about 5-6 times in a row. Then, disconnect the charger and wait for 15-20 seconds. After that, you need to perform a so-called Hard Reset (factory settings activation). If the calibration doesn’t work, the battery must be replaced.

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