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Types of advertising:

  • Article – It means writing a separate review (article) of your product, application, website, etc. with placement on our site. The minimum amount of text is 500 words.
  • Banner – There is an opportunity banner placement for a certain period of time. Can be used multimedia (animation).
  • Back background – In this case, yours the picture will be used as background of the web page. This type of advertising is designed for desktop version of the site.



Terms of advertising:

  1. All details about the placement of advertising need to be agreed before its publication.
  2. Materials for advertising must be provided before the start of its publication (no less than 24 hours).
  3. Published advertising materials must comply with current legislation.
  4. Possible placement of codes for third-party systems.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse to publish an advertisement, as well as to remove it after publication if it will be detrimental to the site.



All questions for collaboration are sent to the mail:

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